Not the Governor we deserve

Published 2:00 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

Not the Governor we deserve


Recently, on Feb. 10, I attended a sovreignty rally on the steps of the state capitol. The purpose of this rally was to tell our state legislators that we want them to start pushing back hard to get the federal government out of our lives and back within the enumerated powers given them by the constitution. Mr. Holiday, currently a member of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors and recently announced candidate for Governor, spoke at the rally. He told us that he was not a politician and that he would not tell us what we wanted to hear but would tell us what we needed to hear.

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Mr. Holiday, what we heard was that you are already addicted to federal money. You told us that you would take federal money when it is offered because it is money they collected from us and they are just giving it back. This is wrong. Any money the feds have collected from you and I was spent a long time ago and much of it was used to addict us and steal our liberties. The money they are using to feed our addictions now is borrowed money that has not yet been collected but will be stolen from our grandchildren and their children and grandchildren. I say stolen because the people who will pay are not yet eligible to vote. This is taxation without representation. It was the reason behind the Boston Tea Party a couple of centuries ago and is the reason that people attend tea parties and other grassroots political rallies today.

We want, need, and deserve a Governor who has the courage to stand up to our out-of-control, tyrannical, federal government. Overcoming our addiction to federal government money will be excruciatingly painful, probably even harder than overcoming the addiction to crack cocaine; but we must begin the process now or we will be completely enslaved by the feds. Every Federal handout comes with strings attached which, when pulled, steal our liberties. I am not so naive as to believe that one governor, standing alone, can force the federal government to give back the powers that it has usurped from the states and the people. But I want our governor to commit to taking the lead and insisting that other governors join in to get this process started immediately. Acting as a group, Governors can make a huge difference.

Fellow citizens, while we were busy trying to make a living, our liberties have been gradually stolen from us. Recently the pace of the theft has accelerated greatly and become so obvious that anybody who takes a little time to read and educate themselves about our constitution will easily recognize it. It is bad enough that our liberty is being stolen by our federal goverment but it doesn’t stop there. The feds are handing over our national sovreignty to the United Nations. The United Nations is overrun by dictators of Islamic nations who would like nothing better than to brainwash our children, take away our liberty, and subject us to their will and laws. I am afraid we are reaching the point of no return, we must begin to work now to restore our liberty. Please take a little time from your busy schedules and get involved for the sake of your grandchildren. If you don’t, how will you answer your granddaughter when she asks “Why do I have to wear this ugly old long dress and veil everytime I go outdoors?”

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