4-way stop sign to be installed on Caesar Road today

Published 4:16 pm Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Supervisor Patrick Lee and county road foreman Mike Mitchell on Monday warned motorists who use Caesar Road that county workers will be installing four-way stop signs at the intersection of Caesar, Moeller and Salem roads.

Mitchell said that rumble strips already have been installed there. He said stop signs will be installed on Tuesday (today) and will go into use on Wednesday. He said the stop signs will have flashing red lights on them.

Lee said he was afraid that there would be an accident at the intersection before the county could install the stop signs because three roads intersect at that one location.

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Visibility is also poor there, he said.

The supervisor also said that he still feared trouble, even after the stop signs are installed, from motorist who are used to “flying down” Caesar Road nonstop.

Supervisors requested that Sheriff David Allison place a deputy at the intersection or a patrol car with flashing lights to help slow down motorists who will not be used to a stop sign being at that location.