Sheriff’s Dept. arrests three for Picayune burglary

Published 2:24 pm Thursday, October 29, 2009

The burglary of a warehouse in Picayune led to the arrest of three suspects by the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department.

The suspects are Bo Becquer, 17, of 65 Jaguar Lane, Jerry Redmond, 30, of 115 Poplar Ave. and Steven Knowles, 27, also of 115 Poplar Ave.

The burglary was reported to the Picayune Police Department on Oct. 19 and took place at a warehouse on Airport Road. Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department Chief Investigator Donnie Saucier said that the next day the Sheriff’s Department was called with a tip on the possible location, which was in the county, of the stolen goods.

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Sgt. Christa Groom and Deputy Chris Robbins were sent to meet with the victim and gather information. Afterwards, additional investigators were called out to set up a surveillance operation at the home of Redmond and Knowles, at 115 Poplar Ave., Carriere.

Using information gathered in the surveillance, combined with victim and other witness statements, the department was able to secure a search warrant for the home, Saucier said. The investigators were able to recover about 90 percent of the stolen goods, which consisted of various household appliances, during the search.

Knowles, the primary suspect was not home at the time of the search, but through additional investigation and interviews the investigators determined that Becquer and Redmond allegedly were involved in the burglary. They were arrested and charged on Oct. 20, the night of the search, with commercial burglary. Becquer is being charged as an adult snce the charge is a felony.

Knowles, 27, was identified as a recipient of the stolen good. Allegedly, Knowles was enlisted by the other two suspects to sell the stolen property, Saucier said. Knowles’ whereabouts were unknown the night of the search, but he turned himself in on Oct. 22 after learning the Sheriff’s Department was looking for him. He was charged with receiving stolen property valued at more than $500.

Saucier said the investigators were able to track down the remaining 10 percent of the stolen property, which had been sold to other people, and recover it.