Crabtree seeks post

Published 3:19 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am Twila Crabtree, and I am announcing my candidacy for school board member for District 5 of the Pearl River County School District.

The PRC School District is presently in a situation where accountability on the part of the superintendent and board members is lacking. When I moved into the district 12 years ago, there were issues of policies and procedures that were not being followed by key members of the board, or by the administrators. All board members and administrators should be held accountable for their decisions and actions.

There was a lack of enough educational materials for all students. These problems still exist today, and I believe they exist due to a lack of accountability. I feel that parents and teachers alike should have a strong voice in what happens within their district. We all want the best education possible for our children. What happens at the top trickles down and affects our children in some fashion. I want only the best for all our children. All children should receive adequate classroom materials for learning.

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I am a concerned parents of three children, two of whom graduated from Pearl River County School District and one who still attends school there. Because of my children’s experiences within the PRC School District, I have seen the need for improvement there. To that end, I have given this race, this seat, this responsibility a great deal of thought and prayer. I am announcing my candidacy with the intent to give the citizens of District 5 a clear alternative in November’s election. When I am elected, I promise to be a strong voice and advocate for the needed improvements of this school district.

I feel the taxpayers need to know how our schools are being administered, and should feel confident that the superintendent and school board are furthering the district’s interests before their own. I believe that the taxpayers should always get the most for their hard earned tax dollars.

I am self-employed. I am an honor graduate of Santa Barbara School of Business. I worked within the school system for seven years. I am also experienced at writing and administering grants. I feel that my business background and experience will be a strong asset to the overall accomplishments of the board.

I am an advocate for athletics and extracurricular activities, and I believe these activities play an important role in the development of our youth.

Voters in District 5, I ask for your vote and support. Our children are our future and we must establish a firm foundation for their success and advancement.

Thank you.