Now we know what??

Published 3:48 pm Thursday, September 24, 2009


In response to your article “Now We Know” September 20, 2009. Our local editor of the Picayune Item took the word of one individual and the article printed September 18, 2009 “City lost one restaurant because of law” regarding the potential location of Applebee’s in Picayune. First of all, I can not believe a large chain such as Applebee’s would enter into a proposal to locate in Picayune without first gathering all the facts and laws that would govern such a decision. Second, did our local editor bother to check with Applebee’s regarding this matter or simply rely on Mr. Thigpen’s comments? You and I both know the answer to this question.

You also stated “confirms a belief of some”; Mr. editor, the fact is the liquor question has been voted down in Pearl River County every time it has been on the ballot. Therefore, a majority rules not some. Before, the liquor question has been openly submitted, but this time a local politician has managed to sneak a bill through the state legislation on the pretense of making Picayune a resort – a resort of what? One of the qualifications of the resort is that a community by located within three miles of a river – East Pearl River, which is not much of a river within three miles of Picayune. In low water you can barely get up and down this river in a small outboard boat and motor. It is merely an extension of Boley Creek and Farve Slough which is filled with debris from Hurricane Katrina. Not much to qualify an area as a resort. Another under-handed approach for the some, not the majority, to bring up the liquor issue.

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I do not believe that liquor is the main ingredient to a successful restaurant business. I believe for a restaurant to be a success they must provide the following: good quality food, a clean, attractive location, excellent service, adequate parking, a friendly and comfortable atmosphere and reasonable prices. Good management also plays a vital role in the success of a restaurant. But you must have sufficient people patronizing the business for it to be profitable. I can not help but think of “The Woods” when I think of the above criteria. They were in business for many, many years (over 25) and they never allowed any alcoholic beverages in their restaurant. So that is a fact, you do not have to have alcohol to have a successful restaurant business.

I am sick and tired of the some (as you referred to in your editorial) having their way over the majority. An example, the some have pushed through legislation to remove prayer from our schools;; these same Some have removed the Ten Commandments from courtrooms and the list goes on and one. It is high time for Christians to stand up and say enough is enough.

Why should any business owner or the Picayune Chamber of Commerce support your editorial? Your entire article does not have one single fact. It is totally based on one individual’s comments about Applebee’s not locating in Picayune (hearsay) and your opinion of why we should have liquor in Picayune. Your editorial certainly has not convinced this “old country boy” that the liquor issue is right for Picayune. Why should local business owners and the Picayune Chamber of Commerce want to jump on your band wagon? I believe these people see your editorial for exactly what it is worth – garbage!

Mr. editor, your editorial, “Now We Know” reminds me of my dad’s manure pile behind the barn. As long as you did not have to dig in it to fertilize the garden – it was ok, but once you stirred it up, then it really began to stink. Well the more I read your editorial, the more it stinks. You sir, have taken the side of the some in this liquor issue, but the majority will again rule.

I am very disappointed that the editor of the paper I have subscribed to for over 50 years would write such an editorial based on “hearsay” and fiction. How can you use “Now We Know” and “True” in this article? I have read this editorial numerous times and I have not found truth or fact in anything you wrote. You say “let’s do it right”. The right thing for you to do is apologize for this editorial and in the future you should stick to truth and facts not hearsay and fiction.

Jack Stockstill