A touch of heaven

Published 2:23 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have you ever been in a moment so content, so peaceful, so filled with a quiet joy that you feel like this must be what heaven is like? Or witnessed such a breathtakingly beautiful scene that connected you right to your soul?

What is it that makes you feel the warmth of heaven…emotional bliss? Musical symphonies?

It’s like Heaven on earth.

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If you haven’t had a taste of Heaven on earth then maybe your soul needs some adjusting. Or could it be that you do not believe in an afterlife? This might put you in the minority of Heaven believing folks on the planet since the majority of religions hook you up with a pleasant “rest of the story.”

It has been said over and over that how you live your life on earth depends greatly on where you plan to live when you leave it.

Many are motivated to believe in Heaven by doing good deeds in hope they escape Hell? And others prefer to live their life and see what happens, like afterlife roulette.

What is your ideal of Heaven?

I have to speak from a Christian/Bible perspective, so please forgive me if I seem narrow minded. In my Holy Scriptures, Jesus describes a beautiful place with mansions and streets of gold which seems like a luxurious lifestyle indeed! But would I really like that? I’m a country gal at heart.

I don’t care too much for gaudy, ornamental luxuries which are too fancy for my taste so will that make Heaven unpleasant for me?

I have to think we have been given tastes of what Heaven will be like in our moments of pure joy, tranquility or beauty while we are mere mortals. What makes us feel this connection could give us a small thumbnail of what Heaven is like.

I can imagine the most gorgeous natural setting that my eyes have ever seen and in that internal awe-inspiring moment realize that Heaven must be a million times more.

I envision a babbling brook, with rolling waters roaring over smooth rocks, a green mountain rising in the background and along the creek, a dirt trail dusted with colorful autumn leaves as a cascade of branches grasp together to make a tunnel for those who track along the path. The sound of the creek, the gentle breeze and the songbirds create a complete vision of what my Heaven would look like.

No golden streets, except for specks of gold color from the Fall foliage, no mansions but maybe a log cabin with large porches, and no treasures but that which comes from the flowering bushes and trees.

I know I have lost some of you who are gagging on your milk-toast intolerance for my sappy vision of my peaceful ending but I am a mother of four boys and a bath tub with bubbles just doesn’t do it any more!

What gives you a sense of Heaven? Is it art, majestic mountains, or a loved one’s face?

Earthly pleasure can be a strange barometer of Heaven, since they can come in so many degrees. I think a heavenly cooked ribeye steak is pleasurable too, followed by brownie ala mode and no pounds gained.

My main question of my afterlife is will it be fun? After all, many declare their aversion of Heaven because of their fear of boredom with cherubs and puffy clouds all in a bland white existence.

I believe much fun will be had…because I will be there!

Since music is a key to the puzzle, with promise that we will be praising and singing in Heaven, then we must expect varying genres to be there too. If classical makes you happy, then join the Mozart choir. If rock and roll thrills your soul, then who knows, hopefully Elvis made it up there and is leading that particular praise choir.

As for the blues, some folks aren’t happy unless their unhappy….so why not.

I am not of the religion that accepts virgins as rewards, but even with the promise of Donny Osmond, Hugh Jackman, and every other good looking man I have ever seen, I still could not maim or kill innocent unbelievers. Those folks need some more positive Heaven models to work on.

It is nice, to once in awhile experience a little Heaven on earth and hopefully you have picked your chosen destination of the afterlife with your faith. It gives me a sense that no matter how bad life may get here, I got a replay coming in Heaven that should wipe out all the bad.

In the book of Isaiah, a comforting word gives me hope that my version of Heaven is possible. “For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”

Ahh, now I can make it through another mountain of dirty clothes and rivers of yucky toilets.

(Tracy Williams is guest columnist and can be reached at her website: myhometowncolumn.com or join MyHometown Column on FaceBook.)