Miss. boy shot, dies after video game argument

Published 1:04 pm Thursday, June 11, 2009

An 11-year-old Mississippi boy accidentally killed his 9-year-old brother with a shotgun blast Tuesday as the two struggled over the gun after arguing about a video game, authorities said.

A-Darrious Finley died after being shot with a 12-gauge shotgun at his home near the Red Banks community in northern Mississippi, Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson said.

“The younger brother allegedly got mad because he got beat at some video games and got the gun,” Dickerson said.

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Dickerson said the older brother, De-Andre Finley, initially said he never touched the gun. He first told deputies that the younger boy got the gun and pointed it at himself, saying “this is how I’m going to shoot you.” But after more questioning, and being told that his account didn’t match evidence at the scene, the older boy said the weapon accidentally discharged as the two struggled over it.

“That version we can live with because it’s consistent with the evidence,” Dickerson said.

Dickerson said the shotgun was too long and heavy for the younger boy to hold it against his own chest and pull the trigger.

“That’s the reason it raised red flags,” he said.

A-Darrious was found lying face down in a bedroom at their home in the community near the Tennessee state line. The gun and a spent shell casing were found at the scene. Dickerson didn’t know what game the boys were playing.

The district attorney will look at the case, but it’s likely the older brother won’t be charged with a crime because he is under the age of 13 and “it appeared to be an accident anyway,” the sheriff said.

Marshall County Coroner James Richard Anderson said the boy’s body was sent to Jackson for an autopsy. He said the brothers’ father was outside cutting the grass at the time of the shooting.

The boys’ father told deputies the gun was kept unloaded in a closet at the home, the sheriff said. The 9-year-old had fired the gun before with his father’s supervision, and investigators believe he knew how to load it himself.