George County man busted on moonshine charge

Published 12:11 am Thursday, June 25, 2009

A George County man was arrested at his home and charged with possession of an illegal whiskey still.

Authorities say 52-year-old Thomas “Jack” Dye was arrested Friday during a raid by George County deputies and agents of the Mississippi Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the state Bureau of Narcotics.

Sheriff Garry Welford said officers, acting on a tip, confiscated a still and destroyed about 30 gallons of fermenting mash used to produce whiskey.

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Welford said the operation was capable of producing approximately five to seven gallons of finished product per cooking. He said the finished whiskey has an estimated value of $50 a gallon.

Welford said Dye “probably drank a good bit of it and sold a little of it.”