Police make several busts

Published 3:37 am Sunday, May 10, 2009

Traffic stops, loud noise complaints and investigative observations by Picayune police officers resulted in several suspects ending up in custody.

The first arrest took place on Wednesday, when narcotics investigators charged Aurthur Kennard, 21, of 715 S. Haugh Ave. Apt. G-54; James Guillotte, 20, of 24 Haynes Lane, and a 17 year-old male juvenile with possession of marijuana.

The arrest was the product of a traffic stop near the Grand Oaks Apartments, Capt. Theresa Milar said. As the officer approached the vehicle, he could smell marijuana. A search was conducted on the vehicle and a small amount of marijuana was found. All three suspects were charged with possession of the drug, Milar said.

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A separate case worked by the department led to the arrest of Willie Jefferson, 22, of 2801 Cooper Rd., Apt. F-24. As investigators were about to serve a warrant for Jefferson’s arrest at his home, they obtained information that he was at a location on Rosa Street. Det. Mike Odom said investigators had received information that he would be at that location on Rosa Street allegedly selling narcotics.

The investigators went to Rosa Street and picked him up. On Jefferson’s person they found a bag of what is believed to be marijuana. A K-9 unit was called to the location. The K-9 alerted to the possible presence of narcotics in Jefferson’s vehicle, so it was searched. In the car investigators found a large amount of what is believed to be crack cocaine, a handgun and some cash Milar said. Odom said the crack cocaine equaled to about 12 grams, or a cookie and a half.

Jefferson was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm and with possession of marijuana.

Also on Wednesday narcotic investigators saw Cordaro Hall, 20, of 1302 Merrydale Dr., and a 17 year-old juvenile drop something on the side of the street when the suspects noticed the presence of the investigators. The investigators recovered what turned out to be bags of marijuana and arrested both suspects for possession of marijuana, Milar said.

Wednesday night, as an officer responded to a noise complaint on Alpine Drive, a large amount of crack cocaine was seized. The officer knocked on the door 1318 Alpine Dr., Apt. 4. The residents did not immediately respond, but once they did the officer could smell marijuana coming from the home. As the residents left the home, the officer saw them lock the door behind them. Since it appeared as though the residents were trying to hide something, the officer called narcotics investigators to the scene, Odom said.

A warrant was obtained and a search of the home found seven cookies of crack cocaine concealed in a child’s book bag. Also in the book bag was paraphernalia used to cook and sell crack cocaine, Milar said. The officer may have responded to the noise complaint as the suspects were cooking crack cocaine. A television, computer, printer, $3,431.97 in cash and other items were seized as property the suspects had allegedly acquired using profits of drug sales, Odom said. Also found in the search was a small bag of uncut powder cocaine.

Two suspects, Deontra Brown, 21, and Marquidda Williams, 23, both of 1318 Alpine Dr., Apt. 4, were charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute within 1,500 feet of a school or church.

Odom estimates that the officers seized about 90 grams of crack cocaine in making the arrests.

The department also released additional information concerning the arrest of two suspects charged with stealing custom rims from various vehicles. An updated press release from the department states that another suspect, Johnny Bolton, 28, was charged with several counts of accessory after the fact, conspiracy to commit a crime and directing or causing a juvenile to commit a felony.

The other two suspects, Timothy Nixon Jr. 18, of 849 Herrin Dr. and a juvenile, were arrested on Wednesday when officers patrolling an area on a golf cart saw Nixon hide under a truck. A car jack was with him and across the street the officers found another truck with cinder blocks under it. The release states that the two suspects arrested thenmay have been involved in several other grand larceny and vehicle burglaries in the city.