Pearl River Patriots meeting again

Published 2:28 pm Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday the Pearl River Patriots will be holding another meeting, where they plan to discuss more issues concerning government.

Wednesday afternoon a few of the newly formed group’s members were at the intersection of Interstate 59 and Miss. 43 N. holding signs that gave passerbys information about the group’s website.

Pearl River Patriots member Eric Normand, who was out holding one of those signs Wednesday, said the group plans to hold a meeting at the Church of the Way gymnasium at 7 p.m. Friday. That meeting will be the second for the group, the first being the Tea party held a couple weeks ago at the historic city hall. The Tea party was an acronym for Taxed Enough Already.

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The focus of the meeting will be to talk about recent issues and make people aware of recent events, such as the rumors of establishing a world currency and how the things never thought possible nine months ago appear to be taking place, Normand said. He did not elaborate further on the issues that would be covered but did say the meeting Friday will also prepare members for another event planned for July 4. Particulars of that event were also not available when asked.

Normand said he is part of the group because he does not feel the politicians, primarily in Washington, are doing what is best for the country. Most of those politicians will say they will do one thing but end up with completely different outcomes once elected, h said.

“It seems once they get in office they just do what they want to do. Doesn’t matter what side you’re talking about,” Normand said.

The group is only bout three weeks old, but has about 330 members. When asked if Pearl River county’s Tea party was a racially charged event, as some national media reported the other tea party’s across the nation were, Normand said, “That’s ridiculous, no.”

Pearl River County’s Tea party was a kick off for other events that protest the ridiculous waste of tax payer’s money by the government, he said.