Lane announces candidacy

Published 11:17 pm Monday, April 27, 2009

My name is Todd Lane and I graciously ask for your support in my bid for City Council for Precinct 3. For those of you that I am not acquainted with, I am a life-long resident of Picayune. My parents are Herb and Sandy Lane who now reside in the Caesar Community and I have one brother, Tommy Lane, who lives in Picayune. I am employed by Highland Community Hospital as a nurse anesthetist. Working and living in Picayune gives me a vested interest in my community and that has been the motivating factor in my running to represent the fine people of Precinct 3 and the City of Picayune.

The City Council is paramount in leading the City of Picayune to be fiscally responsible and efficient. The City of Picayune, including the utility department has been anything but that. The taxpayers of Picayune are constantly in a state of confusion over their utility bills and it’s not just a one-time occurrence. Gross mismanagement of taxpayer money has been a constant issue with this administration over the last several years. There have been no explanations given and no responsibility taken for problems noted in previous years’ audit reports. Transparency and accountability are a must. Open City Council meetings need a working speaker system so that those in attendance can actually hear and participate in actions being discussed and executive sessions should be reserved for issues legally designated as appropriate, not just to keep controversial subjects from public scrutiny.

Population growth in our city and surrounding communities is inevitable; therefore it is important that our basic infrastructure be maintained on a constant basis, not just during election time. Look around your neighborhood. What has been lacking over the last four or even eight years? Poor drainage that floods your yard or business every time there’s a hard rain? Potholes on your street that knock your car out of alignment? Building, sign and other codes that are not being enforced? Ask yourself, can you wait another four years for an election to have your council person finally represent you?

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Elected government positions should be one of service to the taxpayers. I have no political persuasion or agenda and I am not a career politician. My goal is to effect positive change in the leadership of Picayune. I will hold myself accountable to ensure that your tax dollars are spent in an efficient and wise manner. I am asking you to consider me, as the Republican candidate when you cast your vote for City Council for Precinct 3. I encourage everyone to go out on May 5, and vote for a well needed change for the great City of Picayune.