City has fourth shooting this year

Published 10:15 pm Thursday, March 12, 2009

A home invasion in Picayune led to the fourth shooting in the city limits since the beginning of the year.

Picayune Police got a report of a shooting taking place on Fannie Avenue at about 8:27 a.m. Tuesday.

At that time, 20 year-old Wallace Spotts and 26 year-old Bernestine Everett were at home on Fannie Avenue when they heard someone pounding on their door, said Deputy Chief David Ervin. Spotts and Everett decided to remain quiet in the hopes that the person would leave.

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After a time the person kicked the door in and then ordered Spotts to leave the home at gunpoint. A struggle ensued outside the home and Spotts broke free heading east on Baylous Avenue, Ervin said. One of the three suspects shot at Spotts as he ran away.

Investigation led to the arrest of Travis Holloway, 29, of 153 Greenview Dr. He was charged with home invasion. The investigation is continuing in an effort to determine which of the suspects fired the gun during the incident. Ervin said charges of home invasion and aggravated assault are pending for that suspect, once he identified.

Initial evidence leads investigators to believe Spotts was not hit during the gunshots. However, Spotts has not been located and is believed to be in hiding. Ervin said there is no evidence to lead the investigators to believe Spotts was caught by his assailants.

Ervin said the department needs to contact Spotts to determine his condition and speak with him. If anyone knows his whereabouts or the identities of the other suspects involved, they can relay that information to the department by calling Crime Stoppers at 601-799-2583 (CLUE) or investigations at 601-798-0374.

Chief Jim Luke said he is deeply concerned about the recent rash of shootings within the city limits, especially since this one took place during the morning hours where children and pedestrians were present.

“Sooner or later some innocent party is going to be injured,” Luke said.

“A bullet does not discriminate. It cannot change course…” Ervin said. “When it’s fired it’s going to hit something.”

This has been the fourth reported shooting in the City of Picayune since the first of the year.

The first reported shooting this year took place on Jan. 9 where a drive-by shooting involved shots being fired at three juveniles. Two suspects were arrested, and both were charged with three counts of drive-by shooting.

The second incident took place on Jan. 25 where shots were fired at a home located on Jackson Avenue. A bullet hole was found near the kitchen window of the residence. So far, no suspects have been reported to have been arrested in relation to that incident.

The third shooting took place Feb. 16, involved a fight among several males. Only one male was hit, grazed by a bullet, but he refused treatment. Four days after the incident two juveniles were arrested and charged as adults for felony assault.

Picayune police officers are working to deter situations where firearms are discharged within the city limits, Ervin said.

“This has got to stop and we’re going to use every bit of resources available to us,” Ervin said.