Picayune officers receive hazardous substance training

Published 12:55 am Sunday, February 15, 2009

Police officers are usually the first emergency personnel on the scene of an emergency situation, so having them prepared will enable them handle each situation more effectively, especially when that situation deals with hazardous substances.

Picayune Fire Department Training Officer Barry Lee on Wednesday trained some officers of the Picayune Police Department how to identify and avoid hazardous substances.

Each officer was given a guide to hazardous substances, which contains a list of substances carried by trucking companies on the roads. If an accident occurs with a truck carrying one of those substances, then the officer will be able to determine what substance is in the truck by the placard displayed. After identifying the substance, the officer would then be able to take the necessary course of action.

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“You’d be amazed at some of the stuff that’s going up and down the road,” Lee said.

During the training the officers were provided a copy of the manual and asked to identify test placards set up at a distance. Lee asked officers to look through binoculars to determine what the placard said, since in most instances officers would be need to keep a safe distance.

Then the officers were asked to check what kind of hazardous substance was involved and what the necessary safety precautions need to be taken.