Nicholson holds science day

Published 10:06 pm Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nicholson Elementary held a Science Day as one of its efforts to boost interest in science.

The event took place Thursday evening at the elementary school where about ten booths were set up for students to participate in science experiments. The booths offered experiments such as static electricity, fingerprinting by the Picayune Police Department, chromatography and electrifying circuitry to name a few. Turn out was heavy for the event.

Teachers dressed up as famous scientists from history and students were asked to guess which teacher was dressed as which scientist. Some of the scientists represented included Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur and Benjamin Franklin.

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Assistant Principal Mary Williams said students began the night by signing up under their homeroom teacher’s name and obtaining a worksheet on which to record their scientific work. Students were assigned a work station to begin with, so not all of the students were at the same booth at the same time. A whistle would blow when it was time for the students to switch booths.

At the end of the night, all the students should have visited all ten booths and recorded their findings on their worksheet. Prizes were handed out for various accomplishments and a $25 gift certificate will be presented to the home room with the most attending students, Williams said.

This is the first year the school held the event, which was the brainstorm of the school’s Science Committee, Principal Vera Beech said. Tentative plans are to hold the event on an annual basis from now on.

“Anything we have success with we do again and again,” Beech said.

The focus of the evening was to get students interested in Science and to give them ideas for an upcoming Science Fair, Beech said.