Utility Authority moving forward with repairs

Published 11:57 pm Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Repairs to the county’s water and sewer lines continue while new projects have been bid out to improve those infrastructures.

South West Water Company, the maintenance contractor for the Pearl River County Utility Authority, announced at Wednesday’s meeting in Picayune that a number of repairs have gone smoothly.

The repair to a sink hole in Hide-A-Way Lake and some sewer repairs to a residence on Third Avenue are complete. However, SWWC representative Mike Switzer said there was a problem with a stone wall at the residence impeding the work on Third Avenue. Now that the work is done, Switzer does not see any more problems.

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The sink hole on Lakeshore Drive had been there for a few years but was recently repaired by the Utility Authority. Utility Authority engineer Brooks Wallace said the hole will be paved after engineers are sure the road base has settled.

A water leak in a four-inch water main in the Eagle Heights subdivision also was repaired, restoring some much needed water pressure in the area, Switzer said. In a separate repair, electrical upgrades to the Westchester water well has brought it up to code.

Utility Authority board president Steve Lawler said the board has received complaints from Westchester residents about an abnormal chlorine smell in their water. Switzer said that in the past few years the area had not been getting chlorine, and now that it is being added, the residents are not used to its presence. Lawler suggested adding smaller amounts until the residents become used to it.

A manhole cover in the Poplarville area was repaired after a contractor accidentally broke it. Switzer said he could not remember the contractor’s name. Board member Sonny Sones suggested contacting the contractor and having him pay for the repairs.

Another repair is needed to an area of East Canal. Wallace said this will be the third repair needed in there since June.

So far, there are a number of contracts for medium to large projects that have been let to upgrade water and sewer infrastructure in the county. About $14.7 million in contracts has been let for projects in the Hillsdale, Poplarville and Picayune areas. Those projects involve wells, water storage tanks and treatment plants.

A report from the Utility Authority states it still has on hand about $32.4 million left for future projects.

More bids were heard concerning Picayune water supply improvements and the Picayune waste water treatment site preparation. Those bids will be considered in January.

Meeting times for the board have been changed. Instead of the first Wednesday of every month, the board now will meet the third Thursday of every month. The board will continue to alternate meeting places between Picayune’s and Poplarville’s city hall and will continue to meet at 2 p.m.

In other business the board approved payment for right of way acquisition of land for the Hillsdale water system.

The board recessed until 2 p.m. Dec. 17, when bids for more projects will be opened.