Sheriff’s Department changes patrol car colors

Published 11:56 pm Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Four patrol cars with a new color scheme have been patrolling the county, and residents should be aware they are part of the Sheriff’s Department.

Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Kelvin Stanford said the new color scheme of the patrol cars reflect the changes in the department since the first of the year.

Layout and design of the cars was created by Sheriff David Allison and Stanford. Physical labor for the cars was completed with inmate labor and some help from Todd’s, Stanford said. Inmates sanded off the old paint and prepared them for painting, reducing the cost of the change, Stanford said. Todd’s then painted the vehicles.

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“We used every resource here at the jail to keep the cost down,” Stanford said.

The cars feature a white paint job with blue letters. On the vehicle’s front fenders are the department circle and star. There has been consideration of adding an American flag to the paint scheme to act as a constant reminder of America’s patriotism and all that the country has lost. Stanford said so far the public feedback he has received on the change has been positive.

“We wanted a clean sharp image and I think that’s what that reflects,” Stanford said.

There are 10 cars painted and ready for patrol, but four are currently being used. The remaining six are waiting for radio systems to be installed, Stanford said.

Two of the cars were paid for with a Department of Public Safety Hurricane Relief grant, the other six were purchased fully equipped from Hancock County, Stanford said. Two more cars will come from vehicles previously used by department administration. Now that the administration personnel have received SUVs paid for by grant funds ,their previous vehicles will be used by the staff.

This push to change the color scheme not only reflects change in the department, but also is aimed at replacing an aging patrol vehicle fleet. Stanford said a number of vehicles inthe fleet had more than 200,000 miles on them. Now, with the new cars in service, the oldest car on the fleet is a 2006 Crown Victoria.

The remaining fleet with the old color scheme are being considered for repainting to the new scheme, but Stanford said it might take a couple of years to convert the entire fleet. That time frame is based on concern for the budget.

Stanford said he appreciates the assistance Todd’s gave the department in the change.