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Escaped prisoner turns self in

The trustee who escaped from the Pearl River County jail turned himself in Wednesday morning.

Eric Scott, 24, of 603 S. Blanks Ave., walked away from the jail in Millard after returning from a job site Tuesday. Sheriff’s Department personnel have been searching for Scott since he escaped.

As Scott and the rest of the trustees were waiting in line to return to the jail, Scott apparently walked off and is believed to have gotten into a car with Desiree Westbrook, 21, also of 603 S. Blanks Ave. Chief Deputy Shane Tucker said her involvement in the escape is still under investigation.

After talking with Scott on the phone, jail personnel were able to convince Scott to turn himself in Wednesday morning at about 10:30.

He is now charged with escape, on top of the drug related chargesfor which he was previously being held, Tucker said.