Years of a water leak has residents angry

Published 11:12 pm Saturday, October 18, 2008

Motorists cruising down narrow South Blanks Avenue in Picayune may see a sign next to a fire hydrant proclaiming the presence of a long standing water leak.

Under the hydrant is a ditch, filled with water when all other ditches in the area are dry. The sign, made of a piece of dry wall and nailed to a wooden stick behind the hydrant, proclaims “This is a five year water leak”. Water visibly bubbles up from ground under the hydrant filling the ditch with city water and kicking up sand.

Martin Berry, who is visiting his familyat the home where the hydrant sits in the right of way, said city workers have been out to the area and are aware of the leak.

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The leak is reported to be the product of cars striking the hydrant, about three times, said Wade Goff, who lives next door to the hydrant. Goff estimates the leak has been active for about three to four years. Berry said the city was out to look at the leak about a week or two ago, but has not been back since.

“I think it’s jacked up the city won’t come out and do anything about it,” Goff said. “They spend money in every other part of the city, this part ain’t no different they way I see it. We’re all citizens of Picayune.”

Goff said he called District II council member Donald Parker to inform him about the leak. District maps of the city show South Blanks Avenue sits on the border of districts II and III. The side of the road where the hydrant sits is in District III.

District III council member Anna Turnage said no one has called her about the problem, but now that she knows about it she will put pressure on the proper department to fix the leak.

Public Works Director Chad Frierson and Interim City Manager Harvey Miller did not return calls made to their cell phones Friday afternoon about the matter.