Suspect turns self in after more than three months of running

Published 1:45 pm Wednesday, October 1, 2008

After escaping unnoticed out the back door of a transport van at a traffic light more than three months ago, Caleb Jackson finally turned himself in.

Jackson was the only suspect to escape that wascaught during May 28, during a Sheriff’s Department early morning roundup.

When he was picked up during that drug bust months ago, he was described as having been found asleep in his bed cuddling with a one-pound bag of marijuana like a teddy bear. When officers attempted to take him into custody Jackson put up a fight.

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The van he was in stopped at the intersection of Mississippi 43 North and Cooper Road while Jackson was on his way to the county jail. Apparently, while the van was stopped, he slipped out of his restraints, climbed either under or over the rear seat he was sitting in and simply opened the unlocked rear door. A motorist behind the van saw Jackson leave through the back door of the van in nothing more than boxer shorts and one sock before running into the woods. The witness called the Picayune Police Department and the department’s dispatch notified Sheriff David Allison.

A search for Jackson went on for a few hours after Jackson’s escape. At one point he was seen sitting on the bank of Hobolochitto Creek. A Lamar county sheriff’s deputy saw Jackson across the creek and attempted cross the water to apprehend him, but Jackson saw the deputy before he made it to the side of the creek Jackson was on and the fugitive fled on foot.

Chief Investigator Donnie Saucier said the department has been looking for Jackson ever since and had tracked him to Alabama and Tennessee. Sheriff’s Department personnel were close to closing in on Jackson’s location by working with agencies in those areas, but Jackson turned himself in at the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department on Sunday before law enforcement officials found him.

Jackson is charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, sale of marijuana and escape.