Sheriff’s Dept. nabs suspects

Published 11:13 pm Saturday, August 23, 2008

A summer camp turned meth lab, cocaine running activity from Bogalusa, La., and an armed robber-college student were all alleged cases recently solved by the Sheriff’s Department.

Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Capt. Donnie Saucier said on Tuesday the narcotics investigation division worked a lead that dealt with suspected drug activity. Aaron Knight, 30, of 77 Cedar Grove Lane, Poplarville, was charged with possession of precursor chemicals as a result.

Investigators went to a camp located on Wheatfield Road in Poplarville where an investigator attempted to make contact with Knight. There was no answer to the door of the stationary travel trailer, but the investigator did notice some suspected precursor supplies in plain sight at the location, Saucier said.

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A warrant was requested and secured. While the investigator waited on the warrant to arrive he noticed a large puff of smoke come from the trailer that contained a strong chemical odor. The investigator knocked again but there was still no answer. Forced entry was made to the trailer but the strong chemical odor and smoke prevented the investigator from proceeding into the trailer, Saucier said. A nearby fire department was called out.

At that time the investigator saw a man, identified as Knight, jump out the rear window of the trailer and run into the woods. After a search turned up no sign of Knight the house had been cleared of the smoke and chemical odor. The residence was searched where the investigators found several precursor materials used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

In the bathroom investigators found the alleged lab, which was burned in an alleged attempt by Knight to destroy the lab.

Knight was later found by a deputy and a Poplarville police officer walking down the road. Knight was arrested at that time without incident, Saucier said.

That same day investigators used information about cocaine allegedly coming into the county via Miss. 26, from Bogalusa, La. Investigation into the matter lead to the arrest of Clarence Robinson, 25, of 228 Second Ave., Bogalusa.

Investigators and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents arranged to meet with Robinson at the intersection of Miss. 26, and Miss. 43. N. A transaction took place allegedly consisting of eight grams of crack cocaine. When agents moved in to effect an arrest Robinson ran into the woods, but was captured a short time later.

He was charged with sale of crack cocaine. Robinson was also found to have a hold on him in Louisiana for sale of cocaine, Saucier said. Saucier said he appreciates the MBN’s assistance in that case.

A suspected armed robber was arrested while he was in class at Pearl River Community College.

The suspect, identified as Trellis Burnett, 18, of 1010 Chestnut Dr., was taken into custody for an armed robbery warrant in Bay St. Louis and three armed robbery warrants out of St. Tammany Parish.

With help from St. Tammany Parish crime investigation unit Pearl River County Sheriff investigators worked to locate Burnett. Information lead the team to the college. After checking Burnett’s registration status with campus police the team went to his scheduled class. Burnett was found to be in class and asked to exit into the hall way, where he was arrested without incident, Saucier said.