Drainage problems in Nicholson

Published 4:24 pm Thursday, July 31, 2008


We have serious issues with drainage in Nicholson that no one seems to want to address for some reason, when the trucks come through they pick and choose where to dig and leave many ditches unfinished thus causing street flooding, yard flooding and land erosion to our yards.

I have a problem with several neighbors that simply do not want ditches and refuse to let them dig, one even goes as far as pulling boats and vehicles blocking the diggers. I called the county supervisor Patrick Lee to address this with him and he guaranteed me he would visit the street and get the problem fixed, he talked big saying he will have it done and have any blocking vehicles towed since they are on city property.

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Well he never showed up as I suspected would happen. We called his office several times more and were blown off. We have dead end ditches and ditches that have nowhere to drain because they are not connected, so I have a flood through my yard when it rains.

I thought maybe some public attention might be the answer to this problem. Besides the erosion we have standing water which is very attractive to frogs which in turn attract snakes, so we see snakes in our yards, and we are having real problems with mosquitos because of this also.

If the county is going to do a well paid job they should at least do it right and not cater to people who are illegally blocking their progress. If you would like to do an article about this issue it would be greatly appreciated, I can also provide some pictures of the affected areas and blocked/dead end ditches.

Lonnie Stogner