Deputies discover suspected meth lab and marijuana

Published 11:10 pm Saturday, July 19, 2008

Patrol deputies responding to a complaint of a strange odor led investigators to a suspected methamphetamine lab while air searches and a complaint led investigators to live a marijuana plants.

Last week a complaint about the smell from community members brought out a patrol deputy to 98 Wildflower Circle in Poplarville. The deputy knocked on the door of the residence in question and when 36 year-old Alford L.J. Dewitt opened the door the deputy noted the strange odor, Investigator Capt. Donnie Saucier said.

Based on the training the deputy received it was believed the smell belonged to cooking methamphetamine. The residence was secured and officers found what they believed to be the drug cooking in a suspected lab in the home.

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A warrant was secured and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics was called in to assist in processing the scene and dismantle the lab, Saucier said. A Hazmat crew was also called in to clean up the lab.

While the lab was being cleaned up two more suspects arrived up at the residence, Justin Boyd, 25, and Joseph Boyd, 22, both of 35 Mason Miller Rd., Poplarville.

Further investigation into the matter linked the two Boyds to be participants in the manufacture of the illegal substance. All three suspects were charged with manufacture of methamphetamine, Saucier said.

• Thursday a joint operation with Sheriff investigators, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and the Mississippi National Guard Counter-Drug division conducted a marijuana eradication operation. Using a National Guard helicopter they spotted a small marijuana field in front of a residence located at 932 Oakhill Rd., Poplarville. Officers headed to the residence and located the 18 plants the thicket contained, Saucier said. A warrant was secured and the operation seized dried out marijuana leaves, smoking paraphernalia but did not find the resident, identified as Gregory Edmond Ursin, 62.

Ursin was left a copy of the warrant and information to contact the investigators, which he did later that day, Saucier said. Ursin turned himself in and was charged with manufacturing marijuana.

• Wednesday a community complaint about a suspicious looking plant lead investigators to 56 Open Wood West Dr., Carriere, Saucier said. Investigators found an alleged five foot tall marijuana plant growing near the porch of 50 year-old Albert J. Petitfils.

A warrant enabled the investigators to locate several guns at the residence including a handgun and assault rifle, Saucier said. Since Petitfils was not home at the time of the search investigators left him a copy of the warrant and contact information to reach them.

Petitfils contacted the investigators when he arrived home and was picked up for manufacture of marijuana, Saucier said.

“We’re going to continue to arrest and prosecute drug law violators in the county,” Saucier said.

If the suspects believe they need help fighting drug addictions Saucier said there are a number of programs offered at the jail that can help.

Saucier thanks the MBN and the National Guard for their assistance.