Traffic flow around Wal-Mart will change Monday

Published 1:24 am Sunday, April 13, 2008

Traffic flow in the area of Wal-Mart and its adjacent shopping centers will return to its pre-Hurricane Katrina state Monday.

As before the storm, traffic coming into the shopping center will be allowed to enter straight on through, instead of having to turn onto Frontage Road.

This change will be on a trial basis and will begin Monday.

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The area will remain a three way stop and traffic will still flow as it is today.

The only change is vehicles will now have the option of heading towards Wal-Mart and the adjacent stores without driving the long way around. Now motorists don’t have the option to go straight, only to turn right or left.

Picayune Police Department traffic officers will be monitoring the area for problems that may arise from this change.

Deputy Chief David Ervin asks motorists to obey traffic laws and be mindful of others coming into and leaving the area. Such laws include the proper use of a right turn on red. Motorists are required to make a complete stop at a red light before proceeding with their right turn. Citations will be written for violators, Ervin said.

The new flow of traffic, set to begin Monday, is displayed in the graphic at right. The graphic was provided by the Picayune Police Department.