Would you believe?

Published 7:25 pm Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Would you believe they are remaking Get Smart, the television show into a big screen movie? Would you believe the phrase “Would you believe” was a catch phrase of the adorable Don Adams who played Maxwell Smart (Agent 86) on the television series from the 60’s. It is true.

Although, I cringe when they “remake” any show because the majority of the time they really stink it up, this particular movie looks promising with Steve Carell as Maxwell and Ann Hathaway as Agent 99. After all, Maxwell was ahead of the cell phone craze by a few decades, only his cell was located in his shoe. Can you imagine trying to drive and answer that call?

So what would you believe?

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Would you believe everything that is reported in Entertainment News? Would you believe every baby bump is a baby? Every stupid stunt that a Celeb does is real? Hollywood is a universe of smoke and mirrors where everything is fake from body parts to staged relationships. Would you believe anything that comes out of the Celeb world?

Apparently, we believe enough to support an industry that pays millions for baby shots, thousands for exposed starlet shots, and loads of money for interviews about a Celeb’s personal life gone wrong. It’s big business.

Why do we buy it, read it, pass along the lies further. We are obsessed, (guilty as charged) for supporting the gossip Hollywood news.

Each story has an inside spy that reports someone close to the source, a friend of so and so who wants to remain anonymous or an insider said…..however, no credit means the source can pretty much make up anything without recriminations.

Thanks to a new “punk’d” type show, reality television has turned the tables on the entertainment news media and I am lovin’ it! Pop Fiction fabricates events to cause erroneous news reports. Brilliant. The joke is on the media. Celebs are frustrated by all the lies that get reported as Gospel so they create news for a rolling camera and we get to see the fall out.

For example, Avril Lavigne, a pop-rock superstar was reported with a baby bump last week and one magazine reported “sources close to the pop star” confirmed the pregnancy. However, it was a prank by Pop Fiction. She wore a prosthetic baby bump, walked the streets in L.A. for a few minutes and bam! Her pregnancy was practically announced in every entertainment media. Punk’d. Thanks Mr. Demi who is in charge of the new show.

Would you believe any news reported by these journalistic integrity filled news outlets? The feeders of Paparazzi? Would you believe or will you doubt? Fiction versus non-fiction has hit the streets of Celebdom and no one will know what is real or made up.

Would you believe every politician who stands up and brings a crusade against the immorality in our country? Frankly, I am worried about any politician who stands up for what is right, the evils of prostitution, hitting on interns, and pornography. The louder they shout it seems the more they are guilty of the offense themselves.

Too many fail to clean up their own house before throwing mud at other houses.

My anger burns at the hypocrisy and as I want the guilty man to fry! I watch the stoic woman at his side and my heart breaks. This latest debacle with the Governor of New York incensed me even more when I saw his lovely daughters that now know their father had regular rendezvous’ with a professional woman of ill-repute. High price call girls doesn’t make it right, just makes it cleaner.

Would you believe anything this man says? Has he lost his effectiveness in serving our country as a leader in our government?

Many argued when Clinton had done the wild thing with other women that it did not affect his running of the country. It may not hinder his presidential duties but I would not be able to tolerate someone who can lie and manipulate those closest to him because I can only imagine how much more he would lie and cheat to me, a subject of the realm. Yes, character does matter, at least to me. I need to believe what my president says.

Do I care if the guy picking up my garbage is an adulterer? Does it affect my garbage pickup? Does it affect him accomplishing the job? No, but his job is not dependent on his character, but his work ethic.

Those who serve, protect, and are in office have a higher calling, and then even more when they take up the gauntlet against immorality.

So, where does that leave our leaders in the church? Those who are serving a higher power and whose very profession denounces impurity, immorality, and have no tolerance for sin. We have seen several top religious leaders in many flavors who achieved lofty heights of success by fighting against evil ……then the hammer falls…. hard.

It is already difficult that sinners have to be against sin in this world. If you are participating in that which you preach against, you are held to a higher standard. Are all preachers, priests, church leaders’ sinners? Yep. But, to what degree are they actively participating is the question. Can a child molester teach Kindergarten?

A preacher who crusades against gluttony on Sunday and is seventy pounds overweight is not a highly motivated zealot. No sin is greater than any other sin according to the Bible, but the consequences are quite a different story. So, since your sin might be the one you are hollering about, you might want to either stop the wrongful activity or shut up.

Would you believe everything? Would you believe all words men speak? Or write? Or report?

You shouldn’t. It is possible that Brittney is not crazy and she is punking us all. It is possible that Paula Abdul can speak in complete sentences. It is possible that Brad and Jennifer are still together and that Angelina thing was just a farce.

Even more, the news could be punking us all. It is possible that the gas prices are not really high? Or that Obama is really black? It is possible Hillary isn’t really a woman? And that McCain is really a hundred and ten? Is George really Barbara Bush’s son? How can we believe the main stream media?

It is possible we didn’t land on the moon, many do believe still that we didn’t. My husband says all you have to do is get a high powered telescope and look at the moon dune buggy on the surface of the moon and that pretty much takes care of that myth.

But, then, there are those who would not believe 911 was a terrorist hit but an in house plot. What would you believe?

Shouldn’t we be able to trust the media, our leaders both political and religious? I think we missed it by “that much!”