Give me, give me!

Published 6:57 pm Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I want!

What mother isn’t tired of this phrase which happens to begin a majority of the sentences of our children. Give me! Give me! I want! The Bernstein Bears writer diagnosed it correctly as the greedy giveme’s.

It seems that every young child comes down with a good case of it while growing up. The problem is, the child grows up and some still have reoccurring bouts with it. Our whole country has an epidemic of the greedy giveme’s.

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Too many have charged above their means, bought mortgages that were too big for their paychecks and drive newer cars that they can’t afford the higher gasoline for. I want it and the credit card company says I can have it!

Women work in extremes. One type knows exactly what she wants and demands it. The other is a pleaser; too busy taking care of those around her to make any requests of her own. The phrase ‘I want’ is foreign to her lips, and sometimes it is not even spoken in her own mind’s conversation. We know the tales of sacrificial mothers, and believe me there are more than you think among the sea of selfish and self centered ones.

What is it that we mothers want? Complete fulfillment from a day of mundane housework and toilet schedules? The happiness of our children? Satisfied husbands? Challenging careers? We want to feel like an individual and solely someone’s something or other.

The top movie this past weekend was about a bucket list. This got me thinking about what I want before I kick the bucket. Now, there is a difference in the list if you know your number is coming up like next month so as far as I am concerned my bucket doesn’t have a whole in it right now. I plan for a long existence.

I am not being greedy or wishful thinking, but what is it that I want? I find that I rarely dwell on this subject. (I’m usually too busy getting to somebody else’s wants.) So what do I want?

I want self cleaning toilets.

I saw one on Regis and Kelly. Not only does it clean itself, it has a light in the bowl which glows in the dark and would come in real handy for those nightly trips (especially when the male residences of the house fail to lower the bridge!) This wonder toilet can take care of all your needs, like washing and drying your delicate parts. It actually blow dries you when you are finished! I want that.

I want the ability to say No and mean it!

It is hard enough for some women to get the courage enough to say no but even more frustrating to finally tell someone no and they ignore it. Besides the children who never hear the word no until repeated several times.

I want world peace.

If we have world peace then we can concentrate more of our news coverage on Britney ‘train wreck’ Spears. We need world peace just between our presidential candidates and Dr.Phil and Britney’s family.

I want haircuts to last longer.

With little boys (and big ones) it seems just as soon as you cut their hair it is time to repeat. Could it be possible for the Samson hair style to come back in? Just think of the money we could save? We might be able to pay our mortgages as a nation. Just a suggestion.

I want pants that the knees last longer than their ability for the kids to grow out of them.

I want chocolate chip cookies that are calorie and fat free but actually taste good.

I want less spin, less news, less debate among experts, less analyzing of our presidential race and maybe more discussion on what exactly are they going to do when in office. Less fantasy and more specifics!

I want Donny Osmond to serenade me with Puppy Love before I die.

I want Green Bay to go all the way because after my Saints are out of the game, my head becomes cheesy. I still dream and want a Saints Super Bowl Championship though and I still believe.

I want to hang with Robin Roberts because she is my hero and role model.

I want to sing on Broadway, preferably in a show and not on the side of the street begging.

I want my younger body back but my wiser older mind to stay with it. It’s the thinner waist and the more alert chest that I miss the most.

I don’t want to jump out of planes or climb majestic peaks, but traveling is always a great ideal to me. I want to see more of the world.

I want to know what happened to Stacy Peterson and Natalie Holloway? I want everyone who has the name Stacy to not marry anyone with the last name Peterson.

I want more award shows to be like the Golden Globe press conference. I didn’t have to hear one boring speech. I would like to thank the foreign press for the lack of thanks!

I want to kick my bucket after a long life of spending every day cherishing the breathe I take, loving those around me, standing firm against wrongdoers, enjoying my good health, and listening to people tell me they like my work.

I want my children to do the same.