Writer sees conflict of interest at Thursday night’s public hearing

Published 5:08 pm Monday, December 17, 2007


Public hearing my eye!

I attended Mr. Holliday, supervisor elect’s “Public hearing on the Permit Department.” Thursday evening at the Carriere school cafeteria.

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Mr. Holliday had a sizable audience of almost all contractors, builders and similarly employed persons who have to obtain permits from the permit department. He himself is a land developer. Patrick Lee, another supervisor elect, was up front with Mr. Holliday and he is a builder of houses. If I ever saw a conflict of interest; that was it !

Taxpayers, watch your wallets!

Their contention, clearly stated, was that the permit department was hurting their business and the codes should be changed and their fees should be put on the backs of the taxpayers.

People attempting to make a point contrary to Mr. Holliday’s position were either told to “shut up” by his allies or lieutenants on a microphone controlled by Mr. Holliday with snide comments ridiculing the speaker. “Public hearing” meant what he wanted the public to hear.

The codes, while bothersome to those who don’t want to build things safely and correctly are a pain in their substandard neck. The fees, because they have to pay them, they feel, should be put on the taxpayers as a whole so their bottom line will be greater profits.

Pearl River County has seen the first warning of Mr. Holliday and his crew’s tactics. I stomped out!