When you think it can’t get worse

Published 5:04 pm Thursday, December 20, 2007

In my life, I have learned one valuable lesson — to appreciate where you are in life, whether under a cloud of doom and gloom in which everyday brings another slap in the face or whether you are on the mountain tops and things are running smoothly. Gotta’ be happy where you are at.

Some folks are never satisfied whether in harvest time or drought.

I love the high times but I also get very nervous when things seem to be going good. I think a shoe is going to fall somewhere.

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I also find myself complaining about the silliest of things. I found myself whining to a friend the other day about my search for a house and how it has been a bumpy ride. Then I heard about a family who may lose their house, and knowing the foreclosure crisis in our country I realized there are many families who are in danger of losing their home for Christmas.

I think I will shut the complaining up and think how wonderful I have it.

It’s like skinny people who complain about being fat

..no one wants to hear it!

I have a good friend, a mother of four and we like to complain to each other about our life woes. We pretend to be competitive to see who wins the problem of the day victory. Unfortunately, she began the year with a seriously injured child, so how can I compete with that!

We remind each other about two powerful truths: the first, no matter how bad things are they can always get worse! The second, no matter how bad you have it, there is always someone worse off than you.

Why this comforts us is a mystery. Maybe we realize our problems are not as bad as we thought on the scale of things, maybe we should concentrate on the good things we got!

Yet, people who are never happy kind of drive me crazy. If you listen to yourself talking to your coworkers or acquaintances and all you did for the five minute conversation is complain and be negative about your life

..then you are categorized as an Eyore in my books.

If you grumble and growl about everything and nothing is good then you are categorized as a Grumpy Smurf. You know these people, and probably hiding out from one in your cubicle or dodging them in the hall. For them, life can’t get worse because in their minds the world is already as low as it can go.

Beware of Eyores and Grumpy Smurfs!

It all boils down to, “Are you happy or are you joyful?”

I have preached on this before, but during this time of greedy gimme’s and depressed individuals during the holidays why not harp on it some more!

Happiness depends on your circumstances. The house note has been paid, the children have gifts under the tree and you are surrounded by love and warmth, now that is a beer commercial bliss, or if you prefer a dry commercial try a hallmark card commercial.

Joy is deeper and can be evident no matter how bad your life may stink. Most believe joy is a gift from God. Whatever it is, it is special.

For example, happiness is when your pants are loose, your kids forget to whine, and your husband picks up his clothes off the floor without being told.

Joy is just smiling inwardly as your household explodes with chaos, mess, and children all while your pants are tight from too much holiday treats.

Happiness is winning the lottery, the Saints winning another game, and my Christmas present not resembling a kitchen appliance! Joy is smiling while opening another kitchen appliance gift.

For us, the year is drawing to a close and the reevaluation of 2007 will begin and if you are thinking this year was rough, just remember 2008 can always be worse! But, for me, I like to hope, to be an optimist and believe another year is coming to bring better things.

My 2007 year has brought much change and 2008 will be an adjustment period. I will smile during the whole thing and only complain to my close friends and husband. But, for the record, it is a wonderful life.