Ten things that make me crazy

Published 7:16 pm Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Every year I like to give my own top ten list of whatever comes to mind, my favorite is the top ten things that drive me crazy. Somehow the list doesn’t seem to change much. My life changes a lot, but the stuff that makes me scream internally is a constant.

Hopefully you can relate to my complaints or at least take pity on me. What ten things drive you crazy? Should you list them like I do and bring it out into the open. It might work that they won’t drive you so crazy if you make fun of them a bit!

Let’s get to the list:

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10. Extra pounds. Some call it baby pounds, some call it age, I call it extreme annoyance! Where in the rules of life did it say we had to accept the fact as we age we must spread. This unwanted weight is bad for our health and self-esteem but we readily accept it as the way life works. Why doesn’t my wardrobe gain extra pounds?

9. Toenail Fungus Commercials. Please, stop the insanity. I have to turn my head during this awful display of toenail dysfunctions. Yuck! For years, we have had to suffer through personal hygiene commercials that were tactful but now are tasteless. Then adult diapers hit the airways. During the Super bowl, they introduced sexual dysfunction commercials. At least they are more restrained but give them a few years and they will have charts, graphics and who knows what else to make their case! That “Got to go bladder woman” drives me crazy! It makes me want to go! Now I hear, coming to a screen near you, breast implant commercials are in the make. We already have them, they are called beer commercials.

8. Aggressive salespeople and/or telemarketers. Remember “Do not call lists”? Thanks, but they are still calling. No, I do not want a satellite, a vacation or long distance unless its from phone aggravation. In a store, most salespeople are helpful, unless they step over the line and become “Aggressive Salesperson.” They follow me, comment on everything I touch, offer alternatives. Why is it when I need help they are always invisible? When I don’t want them, when I want quiet and peaceful strolling through the aisles, they are hovering over me!

7. Insurance. This insuring of our things is now considered a necessity that is a luxury. Life, car, house, women’s legs are all covered. What would happen if we all just went cold turkey and said no to insurance? What if we had to pay as we go? If we kept insurance for major disasters and not every medical problem that comes up? It seems that way now because every time I go to the doctor I have to pay. Why does auto and health insurance work differently? Since medical insurance covers checkups, and diseases why doesn’t car insurance cover auto check ups and repairs? A healthy car may not be as likely to wreck as a sick car?

6. Pop up screens. I have found a way to avoid them. So when I am exposed to them, it makes me think ugly thoughts towards the product it advertises. If it is a toenail fungus pop up then I am doubly aggravated.

5. Clogged Toilets! I have toddlers who love to see the toys go down the hole. I have an active plunger.

Enough said.

4. Rude people. Why do some folks need to have a bad attitude? Life is too short. Get over your ‘tude and get nice. Naughty or nice, the good will always win out!

3. Mornings. I use to love a quiet morning and since I have become a coffee drinker about eight years ago I love those moments of me, coffee and a quiet swing. But, most of the time that is just a Calgon take me away wish! Mornings are about getting sleepy, grumpy little men up, dressed, fed and managed until they leave out the door. Its drama, threats, whining, running here and there, but at least I get it done everyday and the best part of waking up is when the door closes and they are all gone! Yeah!

2. Keys. I lose them. The twins have been locked in the car in extreme heat. While on vacation, on a mountain, my keys have been locked in the car. I have lost keys in exotic and strange places like in the freezer and one time, the garbage. One help is keyless entry; it is great for people like me who are key-challenged but it only gets you into the vehicle, it cannot make it run. Keys are not so very important until you lose them.

The number one thing that drives me crazy is Politics and Celebs

..Whether its Celebs in politics or just politics, they both drive me crazy! If it isn’t Brittney and her white trashy drama or it’s the presidential soap opera. Shouldn’t we have a law that the campaign can only start one year before elections and Celebs who can’t take care of their children be fixed? How can you have a billion in the bank and still lose your kids? For that amount of money, I would be the greatest parent of all time because I can hire Bill Gates and Oprah to raise my child for me!

Debates, Debates, Debates is all I hear. He did that and she said this! Blah, Blah, Blah! Are we in a perpetual campaign? Does one end to start the other? Yikes, we might have to make the president’s reign last a couple of extra years so we can have a six month break.

These ten aggravations of life are not going away, so what do we do with them? Get them off our chests! I just did. Thanks for letting me vent. Now, what are you going to do with your top ten aggravations? Number ten, columnists who go on and on about stuff…