Live Nativity in Memory of Charles Sweeney

Published 8:33 pm Friday, December 21, 2007

Barbara Sweeney and friends have decided this year is the time.

After losing her brother Charles Sweeney to a long suffering illness. The group has decided to honor him in a way that would make him smile.

Since moving to the area from Panama City Beach, Fla., and bringing several close friends with them, the brother and sister talked frequently about doing a live Nativity complete with several of the siblings’ own animals. While Charles was sick there was no time to organize such a grand affair, but now they are ready.

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They have assembled a cast of 15 actors and three animals to complete the scene. A manger was built, and the show will go on as Charles would have wanted it.

“Everyone has pitched in,” Barbara said, “After Charles passed away, everyone decided to get together and do it.”

The cast includes Tiffany Chapman as Mary; Ray Chapman as Joseph; Karen Chapman, Chris Depen, Brittany Chapman, Kenneth Edwards, Jr., and Elizabeth Belevens as Angels; Alex Aaron, Jake Klien, and Andrew Aaron as shepherds, Christopher Aaron as the drummer boy, Thomas Behan, Tony Aaron Bernell Williams as kings, and Junior, Bo, and T-Bone as the animals.

Louise Piernas, who was Charles’s nurse at the hospital in Covington has even joined in as the narrator. Louise enjoyed Charles’s company, and the two would stay up late into the night talking and laughing.

Barbara and the group invites all to view the Nativity and help them honor the memory of Charles and celebrate Christmas. The shows will run between 6 and 7 p.m. through Christmas Eve at the home of Barbara Sweeney on Mississippi 43 South. Each performance will last approximately 20 minutes each evening. Guests should park on the Brentwood Drive side for safety purposes.

Barbara Sweeney said she would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.