Too tired, too busy, Amen!

Published 5:59 pm Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Too tired, too busy, Amen!

Sometimes you find yourself in a spiraling ball of activity that requires all of your energy, time and focus. You are too busy for food, bathroom stops and breathing. So, what’s a person to do?

I like being busy. It fits my personality. I hate times when I have to sit and do nothing.

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 You want to torture me, then make me be still and quiet when I don’t feel like it. For instance, the several months of pregnancy with the twins was daily torture that never ended, even after the twins were born….the torture continued in a different way.

 As I grow older, I have discovered I do want to slow the pace down. But, instead lately my life has reached hyper drive.

 Between closing shop at the places I work, selling my house, relocating, buying a house, moving, training my replacement, and preparing for a big family gathering slash family wedding in Kentucky this holiday weekend I am about to burst a membrane!!

Do you ever get caught up in these life predicaments? I seem to dwell in them. But how boring it all could be without such dramatic events.

Just like me, Americans need to slow it down. Our culture will wipe us out way before global warming and terrorist. The slower pace countries are like the tortoise in the fable story and we are the energizing bunny that keeps on going and going, faster and faster until our batteries eventually dry up. The end of our great country will come from our own arrow.

When we Americans think of peace and tranquility, we are dreaming and not actually doing. We go on vacations to the mountains for the tranquil settings, yet, never sit and take it in because there is some show or some store that needs visiting.

Women dream of Calgon and when they actually do go there it is a quick treat and not a regular scheduled stop on the train of their life.

Women show in studies to want a goodnight’s sleep more than sex. Men just want both!

We are passing our ‘busyness’ to our children. From school functions, after school activity, church or civic functions we are driving our kids to the next phase of their lives. We are teaching them the way to judge our quality of life is how many appointments we can make in a week. Kids learn from us and they too will speed up their lives.

Not only are they going to live like us, hopefully they will learn from our mistakes but I don’t see that happening, but we are losing our creative geniuses. Who has time to read and write with hectic schedules? I myself use to be a huge lover of books, but since the twins, my fingers can match the amount of books I have read. Who will write our poetry, short stories, and essays? Who will take the time to learn music?

 What are we in the hurry for anyway? The end?

 If life is a highway, the speed limit should be 35mph, but we are all on 75mph and that is just against the law!

 Take time this week for friends and family and appreciating the time you have. It is thankfully, another turkey, another year, and another day to mark off the checklist. Done!