Election results for Pearl River County

Published 6:20 am Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The following are the unofficial results from the Nov. 6, election, listed with votes after each candidates name.

Mississippi Governor; John Arthur Eaves Jr. (D) 3,830 and Haley Barbour (R) 8,654.

Lt. Governor; James R. “Jamie” Franks Jr. (D) 3,632 and Phil Bryant (R) 8,663.

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State Auditor; Mike Sumrall (D) 4,212 and Stacey E. Pickering (R) 7,847.

State Treasurer; Shawn O’Hara (D) 3,591 and Tate Reeves (R) 8,382.

Secretary of State; Robert H. “Rob” Smith (D) 4,052 and Delbert Hoseman (R) 7,990.

Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce; Rickey L. Cole (D) 3,143, Lester Spell (R) 8,216 and Paul Leslie Riley (C) 734.

Attorney General; Jim Hood (D) 5,425 and Al Hopkins (R) 6,752.

Commissioner of Insurance; Gary Anderson (D) 3,727 and Mike Chaney (R) 8,432.

Public Service Commissioner; Mike Collier (D) 4,425 and Leonard Bentz (R) 7,427.

Southern District Transportation Commissioner; Larry Benefield (R) 7,742 and Wayne Brown (D) 4,351.

State House of Representatives District 93; John Thomas Cripps (R) 135 and Dirk D. Dedeaux (D) 297.

Pearl River County Sheriff; Dan C. McNeill (D) 3,589 and David Allison (R) 8,878.

Pearl River County Coroner; Mitch Stockstill (D) 3,777 and Derek Turnage (R) 8,311.

Pearl River County Chancery Clerk; Leavern Guy (D) 2,752 and David Earl Johnson (R) 9,473.

Pearl River County Circuit Clerk; Vickie P. Hariel (D) 6,964 and Lisa Lee Albritton (R) 5,488.

Pearl River County Tax Assessor; Pauline Wells Tidwell (D) 3,456 and Gary Beech (R) 8,836.

Justice Court Judge North District; Patrick Collins (D) 1,147 and James Hal Breland (R) 3,618.

Southeast District Constable; Zelbert “Zeb” Miley (D) 1,044 and Ray M. Bennett (R) 3,049.

Supervisor District I; Anthony Hales (D) 1,072 and Vernon Culpepper (R) 868.

Supervisor District II; Joseph “Josey” Russell Tynes (D) 906 and Charles Culpepper (R) 1,801.

Supervisor District III; Lonnie Spiers (D) 1,219 and Hudson Holliday (R) 1,650.

Supervisor District IV; Huey H. Smith (D) 775 and J. Patrick Lee (R) 1,431.

Supervisor District V; Timothy L. “Tim” Prince (D) 776, Sandy Kane Smith (R) 1,915 and David Fred “Quilt-Man” Smith (I) 54.

State Senate District 45; Billy Hudson (R) 2,857.

State Senate District 47; Ezell Lee (D) 2,582.

State Senate District 40; Sid Albritton (R) 5,457.

District Attorney for District 15; Hal Kitrell (R) 10,834.

State House of Representatives District 106; Herb Frierson (R) 5,392.

State House of Representatives District 108; Mark Formby (R) 5,392.

Pearl River County Attorney; Aaron L. Russell Jr. (R) 10,941.

Pearl River Central School District Superintendent of Education; Dennis Earl Penton (R) 3,600.

Constable North District; Joe Smith (R) 4,277.

Justice Court Judge Southeast District; Nell Y. Cowart (R) 3,665.

Justice Court Judge Southwest District; John Mark Mitchell (R) 2,909.

Constable Southwest District; Charles “Bogie” Stockstill (D) 2,677.