Creative Writing in Picayune

Published 6:52 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In an ongoing effort to revive the literary arts in Picayune, the Picayune Writer’s group launched a Creative Writing class at the Career and Technology Center on September 19th. The classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m.. “Our first two classes had twenty participants,” says Don Wicks, the group chairman and facilitator of the class. “It’s more of a forum, than a class, he says, “with free exchange of ideas about writing and many of the problems writers face today. We have take home writing exercises that are recited at the following class and it is amazing how much talent class members have.” Don’s only regret is that there are not more young people in the class. “Our future is in our young people and we grownups need to encourage them to write.” he says.

Without writers there would be no history, no entertainment, no progress. The craft is daunting, but the best way to improve, is by writing, a diminishing art in today’s fast paced world. We have an obligation to record our experiences, our ideas and our history. How many of us regret not finding out more about our parents, grandparents and writing them down; all the funny and profound stories that we’ve experienced or heard about? We are a sharing society, but how can we share things that aren’t recorded.
The efforts of the Picayune Writer’s group are to reinvigorate the literary culture at the local level. The group has close to fifty writers attending meetings and a list of over sixty who have shown an interest in writing. The open mike at PJ’s Coffee House every first Tuesday has been a success. The Creative Writing class is an extension of that goal. “It’s great to have the support of the School Board, the Superintendent, and Mr. Dedeaux, the Director of the Career and Technology Center,” Don says. “As educators, they realize the importance of the writing craft.”
To find out more about the art and craft of writing and the efforts to revitalize the literary culture you can call Don at 601-799-1287 or Wuanita at 601-798-9482 or attend a group meeting at Bank Plus (next to the old City Hall) every Tuesday night (except the first Tuesday) from 6:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m.. Everyone is welcome, and remember, the greatest incentive to write is that it is fun, free, invigorating and relaxing; a mini-vacation from life to explore life and to explore ourselves.

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