Have you been bowled yet?

Published 3:37 pm Monday, September 10, 2007

CARRIERE—There will be a few toilet bowls in front yards during the next three weeks. They aren’t yard ornaments, they are part of a fundraiser the PRC Touchdown Club is running.

“We are running a fundraiser called ‘Have you been bowled yet?’” Vince Herrin, President of the PRC Touchdown Club, said on Wednesday.

Each toilet bowl has a sign attached that gives options for removal of the bowl. The first option is to just pay $20 to have it removed. The second option is to pay $30 to have it removed and placed in another person’s yard of your choice. The third option is to pay $40 to have it removed and deposited in another person’s yard of your choice plus guarantee that it not be ordered back to your own yard as payback from the friend who received it from you.

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“Of course,” Herrin said, “you can always not participate and call the number on the back of the card to have it removed with no cost to the person.”

The club is hoping that no one chooses that option.

The funds are for an excellent cause. The PRC Touchdown Club supports the PRC football team, raising money thoughout the year for various events and equipment. The club is about 100 members strong, and looking for new members to join. The club encourages all parents to participate.

With about 200 kids playing football in Jr. High, Jr. Varsity, and Varsity, the need for funds is great. The club feeds the football teams pregame meals and post game meals. The club has also bought equipment such as a 7-man sleds, cleats, football gear when there wasn’t enough for everyone.

“This year, we purchased 30 sets of shoulder pads,” Herrin said. “We just purchased a golf course type mower to cut the grass on the field, too.”

The club also has the responsibiity for the banquet at the end of the year so the students have something to look forward to all year.

“It’s fundraisers like this that make it possible to do all these things. We really spend a lot of money each year,” Herrin said. “I would venture to say, it would be really tough on a coach to get the things that he needs without the help of a booster club.”