Back Bay water contact advisory issued

Published 11:38 pm Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality is reminding the public that the temporary water contact advisory issued for Back Bay Biloxi remains in effect. This advisory was issued on Friday, Aug. 17 in response to a leak in a major sewage line located in the marsh on the north side of Back Bay Biloxi near Cedar Point.

Contractors have repaired the leak, and MDEQ is continuing to monitor bacteria concentrations in the area. Based on this sampling, conditions are improving, but bacteria levels in a small area close to the break site remain above the State’s criteria for recreational waters.

MDEQ recommends that people avoid water contact activities such as through swimming or water skiing in Back Bay Biloxi from the Popps Ferry Bridge to Brasher’s Bayou. In addition, people should ensure that any fish or seafood taken from this area is thoroughly cooked before serving, in order to kill any bacteria that may be present. Do not eat any raw or undercooked seafood taken from the advisory area until further notice.

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