Building Department opens satellite office in Picayune

Published 4:36 pm Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Pearl River County Building Division and 911 Addressing Office have opened satellite offices in Church of the Way building leased by the county in Picayune.

Chief Building Inspector Kirk Pichon said in a phone interview Tuesday that the new satellite offices will allow citizens in the Picayune area to receive most of the same services that are available at those offices in Poplarville, but Pichon said there would be some differences.

“Commercial permits will still be limited to the Poplarville office. But pretty much anything else you can do in Poplarville, you can do at the new office,” Pichon said.

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Pichon said all residential business transactions, such as fee payments and registering mobile homes, can be done at the Picayune office. Residents can even drop off plans to be reviewed, but Pichon said the actual review will still be done in Poplarville.

“We only have one plans examiner, who will still be in Poplarville,” Pichon said. “But people can drop off their plans in Picayune, and we (the building department) will transfer the plans between the two offices. That way, we save the customer a drive to Poplarville.”

Pichon also said the E-911 Addressing office will be operating at the Picayune location as well, so residents also can apply for addresses at the same location.

Pichon said the office was open on Tuesday, but most of the work done that day was completing the transfer and preparing to serve the customers. Pichon said the office will be open today at full capacity.

The office will have two employees, and will have the same hours as the Poplarville office, which are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.