Two assaults on same day

Published 3:37 pm Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last weekend two residents in Picayune were charged with aggravated assault in two separate incidents, one involved the use of a vehicle while the other involved the use of a walking cane.

The event with the vehicle took place Saturday night at about 12:23 a.m. Picayune Police reports state the victim was walking across the street to meet with friends. The suspect, later identified as Candace Neely, 20, of 111 N. Blanks Ave., pulled up in a vehicle.

Allegedly after the car pulled up an altercation ensued between Neely and the victim. Neely claims the victim pulled her hair inciting the altercation, according to her written statement. The victim claims Neely drove up screaming obscenities and grabbed her clothes, stepped on the gas, and proceeded to pull her down Pinewood Drive as the victim ran along the side of the car, the police report states. While being pulled and attempting to get free of Neely the victim lost her footing, fell down and was dragged along the side of the car until Neely let go of the victim at the corner of Betsy and Pinewood, the report states.

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The responding officer found Neely at her home and charged her with aggravated assault.

The second incident took place that same night at the Peach Street trailer park. According to the police report, the suspect, later identified as Kenneth Dillard, 43, of 404 Peach St., Lot 28, went to another lot in the park, where he apparently assaulted a male staying with Dillard’s former female acquaintance.

As Dillard approached the front door to the trailer he tripped and fell, hitting his head on the concrete steps, the report states. After getting up and knocking on the door Dillard asked the male who answered the door what he was doing at the residence and then hit the victim on the left temple with a walking cane.

As the officer spoke to Dilllard, who had a noticeable gash on the side of his head from hitting the steps, the officer noticed he was intoxicated, the report states. It was later learned that Dillard once had a relationship with the female at the home where the victim was allegedly assaulted, the report states.

Dillard was charged with aggravated assault and public drunk.