Local inventors featured on television

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A local father and son inventor team are reported to have been featured on the television program American Inventor on Wednesday.

Their invention may not be something that would be used everyday, but once a year it could make lives easier. That invention is called the Quickstand.

The device, still in the development stages, will enable anyone to set up a live Christmas tree and have it ready for decorating in about five seconds, said James Taylor.

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“We’re hoping to get it on the market, it may not be by this Christmas but by next Christmas it should be nationwide,” Taylor said.

The idea came to James about seven years ago as he was putting up a Christmas tree. No matter how hard he tried the tree still leaned to one side using a conventional stand. He said as he was looking under the tree attempting to figure out what went wrong James said himself that there had to be a better way to set up a Christmas tree.

After discussing the idea with his dad, Lesley Taylor, the two constructed a prototype, which has and will undergo many changes before it reaches the market.

The invention works by placing a Christmas tree in the shaft of the device and once the stand is set on the floor the feet linked to the four restraining arms close on the trunk, securing and leveling the tree at the same time.

This is not the first brain child of the father and son team, either together or separately. Some of those inventions are used in the work Lesley does, he said. One such invention is used in the construction of building columns.

“When we invent something we try to invent something that simplifies whatever you’re doing,” Lesley Taylor said.

Such functionality can be seen in the welded porch swing stand sitting out front of Lesley Taylor’s home.

James said he has had a number of previous ideas that he did not move on just to find that someone else had come up with and profited from that same idea.

The Taylors said their invention was broadcast on network television via the ABC show American Inventor Wednesday. A follow-up to the program should take place this Wednesday on the same channel at the same time, James Taylor said.