Local authors win national contest

Published 3:06 pm Thursday, June 7, 2007

The book Wendy Lee’s fourth grade class wrote, “Nicholson’s Famous, Finest, Fourth Grade Mix, a Collection of Poetry”, won the competition out of more than 7,000 entries nationwide. StudenTreasures chose 34 entries out of the 7,000 to receive a classroom grant of $100.

“When a teacher orders a book kit, it comes with two sample books that other classes have done,” Lee said Tuesday. “Now our book will be sent as a sample to other classes in the United States. We also received a certificate stating we were a winner and that our book would be available for purchase for $19.90. Isn’t that wonderful?”

She ordered another kit for next year’s class and when she was notified over the intercom she had a package in the office, she thought that it was the kit. When a student brought the package back, in the box was the certificate and blue ribbons for each child.

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“I gave each of them their ribbon on awards day,” Lee said. “They were so excited to win. I’m just so proud.”

The StudenTreasures website says these books make a great addition to libraries. “These books are one-of-a-kind projects which motivate students, improve writing skills, build self-confidence, and involve parents,” states the front page of the site located at www.studentreasures.com.

“Jaden Hendrix won third place in the state poetry contest held by the Women’s Civic Club, GFWC/MFWC,” Lee said. “Our principal entered the poems of my class in the contest and Jaden won.”

The winning poem was about butterflies.

On StudenTreasures’ website, the poem selected to be a sample from Lee’s class’s book was written by Tiffany Varnado:

“There was an old witch

Who fell in a ditch

Picked up a penny

And thought she was rich.”

The main purpose of the book is to entertain, express, persuade and inform Zack and Seth said. Their inspiration came from the things they loved the most, like chocolate for Zachary, and butterflies for Jaden and Christmas for Gabrielle.

Barbara Hendricks wrote the dedication and title in a special calligraphy. She and Carrie Fredricks helped with the title. Marissa, drew the front cover art, her initials are at the bottom of the illlustration.

“We took all the repetitive words from each child’s suggestion for the title and put them together for the title,” Fredricks said.

Lee is in the process of earning her Master’s degree in education at William Carey. The book is so impressive, it may be used as a curriculum criteria to show the education improvement of the children.

“Nicholson’s Famous Finest, Fourth Grade Mix Collection of Poetry” for the Class of 2007 contains a collection of poems about things close to each child’s heart. This book is no longer a limited edition.