Immigration bill is just plain wrong

Published 10:05 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Citizens should be aware the nature of the immigration bill now before Congress, and should inform themselves about what it contains, and let your representatives know how you stand.

I believe both our senators, Trent (Lott) and Thad (Cochran), are leaning toward favoring the bill. But in my opinion the bill is nothing more than an amnesty bill. It will open full access to social benefit programs, for which Americans work their entire lives to win the honor of using, to over 12 million illegal aliens, people who have broken our laws to get here, and who have never paid a penny of taxes.

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You, my friend, will pay their tax bill.

Race has nothing to do with this for me. It’s about morality, doing what is right. By granting these illegals amnesty our leaders are setting an example that says it’s okay to break our laws. Actually, if you do you stand a chance of receiving a pardon for it. And what about justice for those who are patiently following the laws with regards to coming here?

If this bill is passed, it will go a long way in changing America and its culture forever.