Rules to live by

Published 4:40 pm Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For those who are acquainted with me, they know the name Robin Roberts sends me into hyper-excitement because I think she is awesome and I truly believe I want to be her BFF (best friend forever). So, when she wrote a book, I was online immediately ordering my copy, From the Heart, Seven Rules to Live By.

Rules, what rules and who makes them up?

What are some good ones to live by? If we follow them, then are we happy?

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Many folks have written their ten rules, or seven rules or whatever number they choose out of the air rules to either advise us to help us make our lives better or that they themselves follow. There are rules for dating, for marriage, for business, for almost every area of life written by all manner of writers. Their credentials vary from resident know-it-all to highly qualified psychologists.

Who is the best to advise us? How about someone who has it all together and is just successful and happy?

For me, Robin Roberts is the perfect role model for me, she is sports minded, down to earth and is co-anchor for Good Morning America and the fact that she considers herself a Mississippi Girl seals the deal. I will make it a goal to play by her rules any day!

I searched the highways of rules and found some general ones that I like.

Count your blessings.

The old hymn says to count them and name them one by one. Sometimes we get to feeling nothing is going our way, but when you actually stop and think about your circumstance, you can always find blessings. You can be flat broke, but you have someone who loves you, your health, or you may not have cash but at least you do not owe a boat load of debt. Sometimes you have an ugly face but a great body; it doesn’t make sense but be grateful for the things you have that are working for you.

Live this day as if it were the last. I seem to dwell on this point a lot so enough said.

Never neglect the small things. It is the small gestures of kindness, the extra effort at your job, the one minute of your undivided attention to a child that mean so much to this world. A simple kind word of encouragement seems so small but can make someone’s day.

Find good in every situation. I have been in life crisis before but found it was not as bad as I had imagined it would have been. Why? Because during hard times, your community will surround you with love and support and believe me, it really helps to make lemonade out of lemons.

Don’t worry, be happy.

The art of worry is a disease that can steal every ounce of joy from your life. It requires you to expect every bad thing that could happen to happen. If I started every day dwelling on all that could go wrong then I would be sick and overwhelmed throughout every day. Not a good way to live. Why not counteract this thinking with expecting wonderful surprises are awaiting you today.

Never allow anyone to rain on your parade.

Some people are really good at this; they just walk in the room and sour it up real quick. Just because negativity spouts its ugliness in the room does not mean it should damper your spirits for the day. Ignore the interruption and get back on course. As they complain, whine…. just smile.

Never blow your own horn.

It is the same with a politician who is constantly telling you how honest he is. If he has to convince you he is honest then he is an actor. And always be wary if someone tells you they can sing, yikes!

Make a priority list. God, family, friends, church, tax collector…..laundry room….decide who gets first dibs on your time.

If the phone rings during a family meal, let the answer machine get it. Your family time is more valuable than the tele-marketer trying to sell you family value films for $39.95.

Do not use the word ‘can’t’.

A person who believes he can fly has the right attitude, more than the one who never tried because he started with I can’t fly. Defeated before trying usually means you will never attempt anything.

Use every opportunity to dance.

In my car, you might see some wild moves going on because I am dancing and driving. No one has proven to me that dancing and driving kills. Wherever a tune with a good beat breaks out I am going to move, dance, tap my foot, or sway. I don’t care if others “look” or “comment”. I feel better after I give in to the music. It is a stress reliever and a happy button that deserves to be pushed. Just dance.

When your heart is troubled, smile.

I like smiling. It makes me feel better and it whoever I may meet may feel better too. However, it has gotten me in trouble with a few strange men in my lifetime. Just for the record Guys, not every girl who smiles at you is thinking what a catch you are. I smile at the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Then there are the ultimate of rules, the Ten Commandments. Some folks use them as suggestions and others believe in them wholeheartedly. Some folks think Charleston Heston already broke them all.

The one good thing about my rules are you can break them.

Live a good life, set some goals, some rules and try to live by them and then the world might be a better place for all of us to live.