Letort announces candidacy

Published 6:47 pm Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I, Henry E. Letort, am announcing my candidacy for the office of Supervisor District Two, Pearl River County. I have resided in Pearl River County for 33 years, mostly in the community of White Sand. I am married to the former Sheila Burge and have two daughters, Brook and Blair Letort. Before coming to Pearl River County, I resided in the community of St. Martin, which is just north of Biloxi. I attended St. Martin High School. After high school, I attended Perkinston Jr. College, which is now Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi on athletic scholarships. I was a coach and teacher at Liziana Elementary School for two years.

I applied for the Mississippi Highway Patrol in 1973 and was accepted. After Patrol Academy, I was stationed in Pearl River County. I worked the highways for 14 years as a trooper and 17 years as a Supervisor in District Eight, which comprises the six coastal counties. I retired from the patrol in 2004 after 31 years of service.

I also served in the Mississippi Army National Guard for 29 years. When Hurricane Camille struck the coast in 1969, I was stationed in Biloxi with a L.A.R.C. Company, these vehicles can travel on land or water during the height of the hurricane. We rescued people stranded on rooftops and clinging to power poles and brought them to safety and shelter. In 1990, I was called to active duty for Desert Shield and Desert Storm and was stationed in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for eight months. I retired from the Guard in 1995 with the rank of 1st Sergeant.

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I realize Pearl River County is expanding at a rapid rate, post Hurricane Katrina and the office of supervisor has become more administrative, complex, and demanding. I also understand the concerns of the citizens of District Two about roads, bridges, schools, public health and public safety, but what seems some of the main concerns of District Two are new regulations, rule codes, permit zoning, water and sewage, just to name a few. I also understand the need for regulations, rule codes and etc. for the county to function properly, but has it gone too far? Does Pearl River County, being a predominantly rural county, need some of the same regulations, rules, codes, permits, and etc. as the three coastal counties? Ask yourself this question as citizens, landowners, tax payers, builders, developers, business owners, and others, are they beneficial to you or are some an unnecessary burden?

What I have spoken about in the paragraph above needs to be addressed by who ever is elected to the office of Supervisor of District Two. It is up to you the citizens and voters in Pearl River County District Two. Do you want to travel down the same path of big bureaucracy, red tape, and proliferation or a new one of common sense, good judgment, responsibility and professional courtesy. In the years that I have served the people of the State of Mississippi, I have learned if you treat people with respect and dignity you will earn their respect.

I realize that I cannot contact everybody in District Two, but by publishing my thoughts and opinions I hope it gives you a better prospective on my views of the direction in which we need to go.

In closing, let me say I respect all my opposition and hope whom ever should be elected represent the people of Pearl River County District Two with respect and dignity as they deserve to be represented. Your vote and consideration would be greatly appreciated.