Picayune PD solves several investigations

Published 6:39 pm Thursday, April 19, 2007

The need for money is sometimes so great that people will try anything to obtain it, even break the law.

Multiple incidents of robberies or burglaries were later tied to either one individual or a group of individuals. During the past week the Picayune Police Department was alerted to the robberies of four businesses which led to the same suspect that had also conducted a fifth burglary at the RV park in which he lived. Another string of burglaries and a linked robbery were later tied to a group from out of state allegedly on a state wide rampage.

In the incidents involving a single suspect all four businesses were robbed on the same day at about the same time, according to a press release from the department.

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“They were pretty much hit one after another,” said Investigator Capt. Holly Krantz.

On April 12, at about 2:26 a.m. Keith’s Car Care, Picayune Pools, Alltel Wireless and Sunray’s Tanning Salon were all hit apparently by the same suspect during the same night. Krantz said Sunray’s Tanning Salon was the only business that had an alarm system to alert the police of the burglary. An extensive investigation took place based on the evidence collected at each scene, helping the investigators determine a suspect, the release states.

While only one of the locations involved in the burglaries had a surveillance system investigators were able to determine Keys was involved in all four due to the same method of entrance. In each instance a brick was thrown through the window and nothing more than money was taken from the register, Krantz said.

The suspect was identified as Kuren Kordell Keys, 19, of Sun Roamers RV Park Lot 43.

At 11:54 investigators made contact with Keys at his residence. While speaking with him they were informed there was also a burglary at the main office of the RV park that took place the same night as the rest, the release states. Evidence found in Keys residence linked him to all five burglaries, the release states. Keys was charged with five counts of commercial burglary.

According to a past police report Keys was previously charged with commercial burglary on July 23, 2006. Keys is currently awaiting his bond hearing at the Picayune Jail, the release states.

A separate string of events that took place on April 14, involved a separate set of suspects and business locations. At about 5:48 p.m. officers responded to a strong arm robbery that took place at On Location Video in Picayune.

According to the police incident report the suspect came in to the video store on April 14, and inquired about a membership, to which the clerk stated an account would be required. The suspect told the clerk that he would need to talk with his wife about it and then asked for a dollar bill in exchange for four quarters. When the clerk opened the register the suspect reached for the drawer, prompting the clerk to pull the drawer closer to her in an attempt to close the register. At that time the suspect told the clerk to stop fighting, instead of complying the clerk reached for a baseball bat kept under the counter. When the suspect saw the bat he ran out the store and the clerk followed. Several witnesses, one in the parking lot and another on a pay phone, stated they saw the man and then the clerk, bat in hand, run out of the store, the report states.

During the incident a Winn-Dixie manager saw a man wearing a baseball cap driving a vehicle around the rear of the large building twice. The man in the vehicle was later identified as John P. Neskoroscheny, 29, of 8125 S. Keating, Chicago, Ill. and the man who entered the store was identified as Dwan Darney Nicholas, 25 of 8143 S. Sawyer Ave. Chicago, Ill.

Apparently after the attempted strong arm robbery Neskoroscheny dropped Nicholas off in Lumberton, Krantz said. He was then involved in a string of business burglaries the same night, which took place at about 11:17 p.m., according to the release. Ritchie’s Gun and Pawn and Delta World Tire had windows broken out of their fronts but nothing was found to be missing at those locations, the release states.

A short time later officers found three individuals in the act of breaking into Patriot Pawn. Two of the three suspects were arrested on scene but a third suspect ran into a wooded area. With the use of a K-9 unit the third suspect was found hiding in a tree, the release states.

Neskoroscheny, Thomas J. Kozel, 29, of 6430 W. Pamela Ln. Chicago and Joshua T. Reschke, 22, of 8218 S. Trip, Chicago were all charged with three felony counts of commercial burglary. Neskoroscheny was additionally charged with exhibiting a weapon and with strong arm robbery. Nicholas was also charged with strong arm robbery. All four suspects are awaiting bond hearings.

Krantz said they have received information that links Neskoroscheny and Kozel to a state wide crime spree. From information she gathered in the investigation she said the suspects were in the area to conduct labor but did not have the tools to the work. The suspects were reported to have been stealing money and supplies to get the tools they need.

“We believe this will solve other crimes that took place in other jurisdictions,” said Chief Jim Luke.

The department has confessions from all suspects involved in previously listed cases, Luke said.

In a separate incident on April 17, the Criminal Investigations Division was conducting surveillance of JP Johnson Park, located on Rosa Street. During that time they observed several males apparently preparing a marijuana cigar to smoke, the release states. After the investigators made contact with the suspects and a brief foot chase ensued they caught and charged Justin Nixon, 18, of 722 Weems St., with possession of a controlled substance (crack cocaine) and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 1,500 feet of a church or park, the release states.

“These suspects crossed the blue line of law and order. This community is united together in stopping crime. Our resolve continues to be tested by their intent on committing crimes by our criminal investigators, patrolmen and citizens have met the challenge proving why our department is recognized nationally for excellence in criminal investigations,” Luke said.