Delta State calls off classes for day after bomb threats

Published 3:43 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Delta State University called off classes Tuesday in response to a series of bomb threats in several buildings, the school said.

A dispatcher at the university’s police department said the closing of the campus, at this point, was only for the remainder of Tuesday. The dispatcher said searches were under way but that no explosive devices had been found as of mid-afternoon.

The school said the threats were made on Kent Wyatt Hall, Roberts-LaForge Library and Cleveland Hall.

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“In the shadow of the recent tragedy at another campus, we are choosing caution,” Delta State President John M. Hilpert said in a statement. “We put the safety our students, faculty and staff first. We will be forthright with our information as it becomes available.”

Officials said the Walter Sillers Coliseum on campus, which was inspected and cleared, was made available to students as a refuge.