Writer concerned about safety on Highway 11 resurfacing project

Published 5:14 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I am very concerned about the public safety hazards created by the resurfacing of Highway 11, between the light at the intersection of Sycamore/Hwy. 43 and the light at the entrance of Hide-A-Way Lake!

I worked as a Construction Inspector/Representative of 31 years with the Army Corps of Engineers before retiring in November of 2004, and have worked on many miles of roadways with LADOTD, and they would never allow this type of situation occur. My concerns are the abrupt drop-offs along the edges of the highway, along the ditches. This is a major safety hazard, and should be corrected by grading of the ditches on both side of the highway, so that the earthen material meets up with the edges of the asphalt, therefore making a smooth transition. As the situation presently is, if a vehicle accidentally runs off the road even with only one tire, the abrupt edges of the asphalt would cause the vehicle to pull directly into the ditch with no possibility of being able to correct the error.

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MDOT should immediately correct these deficiencies, before any serious accidents occur. Someone should bring this to the immediate attention of someone at the MDOT. I concerned about the publics safety!!!

Zane Bryant