School board election

Published 11:22 pm Saturday, March 3, 2007

The unofficial results for the Picayune School Board District II are in, but affidavit votes still need to be counted.

Currently, Tony Smith is leading with 130 votes while incumbent Reese Moody received 84 votes and Chad Frierson tallied 36 votes. The superintendent’s secretary Barbara Lilis said there are still 37 affidavit votes that need to be counted before an official tally can be released.

Lilis said there are only two positions on the school board that residentsof the district vote on, Districts I and II. All other districts are appointed by the city council. The appointments and elections take place every five years, Lilis said.

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Other members of the school board are Duane Wheat, who is elected and Ginny Dodd, Harvey Miller and Edward Stubbs, all of whom are appointed.

There will be a meeting Monday at 2 p.m. where the affidavits will be opened and counted an official winner will be declared or the need for a runoff will be announced.

Interim Superintendent Brent Harrell said if a runoff is needed, it will take place Saturday, March 17.