Egg Drop draws huge crowd

Published 8:22 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Saturday morning dawned bright and blue, then at noon the sky rained about 4,000 eggs at the airport. Well, it wsn’t really raining eggs, the eggs were dropped from light airplanes, and the wranglers tried to hit the wading pool targets at the Third Annual Egg Drop.

“It makes me want to be young again,” said a young woman on the edge of the crowd. “Either that or have little ones of my own.” She smiled and then disappeared into the crowd.

There were about three times as many this year as last year one participant said.

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An estimated 2,000 people had their choice of train rides, pony rides, helicopter rides and the more adventurous could scale the rock climbing exhibit.

Toddlers had their own egg hunt at 11:30 AM. At noon a jet flew over which signaled the start of raining eggs.