Pro-life bills need fair shake in House

Published 10:44 pm Tuesday, February 20, 2007

As the father of a seven month old daughter, I am amazed daily at the marvelous creation with which God has entrusted Rita and me. The older I get the more I understand and appreciate the fact that we are each “remarkably and wonderfully made.” Many of you have contacted me during the last week to express your concerns for the unborn and your desire to see legislation passed to protect those unable to protect themselves. Three bill have passed the Senate and are now in the House for consideration. You can be sure that I have urged the Speaker of the House to bring the Senate Bills forward for a vote on the House floor.

Earlier this week the Speaker assigned these pro-life bills to the Public Health and Human Services Committee which is Chaired by Representative Steve Holland, (D) Plantersville. While this is the most appropriate committee to assign a bill dealing with this issue, Chairman Holland has vowed publicly to kill all three bills by refusing to allow a vote in committee. As many of you requested, I urged Speaker Billy Mcoy to send the bills to another committee, but now we must incorporate a new strategy.

The Republican Conference has submitted a letter to the Speaker signed by every Republican in the House. The following is the body of that letter:

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Dear Mr. Speaker:

As you know, the Senate last week passed three very significant pro-life bills, SB2795, SB 2801, and SB 2391.

We encourage you to counsel strongly with the committee chairman handling these bills and urge him to allow the process to work in such a way as fairly to allow all House members to have a voice in deciding whether these bills should become law.

Mississippians of all persuasions have applauded the consistent pro-life commitment you have demonstrated through the years. You may be assured that the undersigned Republicans will stand with you in support of these important Senate bills. Please do all that you can to make sure that these measures are brought forward for a fair debate and final vote on the floor of the House.

Signed by all House Republicans Members

I have also spoken with the President of the Mississippi Legislative Conservative Coalitional (a group of Republicans and conservative Democrats), of which I was co-founder and charter President, and asked that the Coalition submit a similar request early next week.

You can be sure that this issue is on the forefront of my mind and that I will do all I can to bring one or all three bills to final passage. I appreciate the contacts and the obvious interest you have in this legislation. It make me proud of the district I serve and the Godly constituents I represent.