Bush still riding high

Published 9:52 pm Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Regarding your editorial of Feb. 22, the president’s horse didn’t stumble and he is still riding high. He was ambushed but recieved only minor wounds.

Election night was a low point, but it has not turned out nearly as bad as prognostigated. Actually, his most unwitting allies now are the confused and disarrayed democratic congress. The nonbinding resolution that passed the house with the help of 17 republications (more than twice that number were predicted) was an exercise in utter futility and they outht to be ashamed. The 7 RINOs in the senate cane as no surprise and it is good to see them vetting themselves.

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I have not observed any tattered shirts and his horse is still standing proud. He is absolutely right in challenging them to stand and show some backbone and the courage of their convictions (assuming they have any) by voting to cut off funding for our brave men and women in the military.

You and the rest of the liberal press have made much of Tony Blair’s decision to bring home a small number of troops immediately from pacified areas of Iraq. This mounts to less than 1% of the coalition forces in Iraq. And what of Denmark’s removing 400 or so troops. They won’t be missed. What wars or battles have the Danes ever won. They have been occupied a few times.

As for the Dixie Chicks and other entertainment types, I imagine that President Bush spends many sleepless nights worrying about not having them on his side. Their “Not Ready To Make Nice” has to be disconcerting but, oops, they’ve never nade nice.

By the way, as far as handling need business, the last I heard, the minimum wage bill had not passed the senate.

I hear that Joe Lieberman is considering joining the republicans and, should it happen, it will make a 50/50 split and give that autocrat, Dick Cheney the deciding vote. I realize, of course, that this will make little difference with those RINOs. On the other hand, Mitch McConnel is doing a fantastic job of confounding and discombobulating Harry Reid and his majority.

Our country’s best hope is that this congress will be, as the great Harry Truman characterized the last congress before he was elected president in his own right, a “do nothong” congress.