Bomb threat disrupts high school again

Published 4:53 pm Thursday, February 1, 2007

For two straight days, Picayune Memorial High School has received bomb threats, prompting a complete evacuation of the school each time.

Both are related incidents, according to the Picayune Police Department.

After an initial threat was written on a boy’s bathroom wall Tuesday, another was made in the same fashion at about 12:40 in the afternoon on Wednesday, said interim superintendent Brent Harrell.

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In both instances, administrators at the high school, once the threat was found, called the superintendent’s office which in turn called the police.

“The bomb threat procedure was put into action, same as yesterday,” said Picayune High head of security Bryan Dawsey.

While both threats were written on the wall of a boy’s restroom at the high school, the threat of a bomb in the building Wednesday was written in a separate bathroom from Tuesday’s and in pencil, as opposed to ink, Dawsey said.

The search for the bomb took about an hour and the children were then returned to their respective classes, Harrell said.

Through the investigation the two juvenile males, both 15, were charged with two counts each of bomb threats and brought to the Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center in Hattiesburg to await their hearing, which has been set for Thursday at the Juvenile Court in Picayune, Deputy Chief David Ervin said.

A rumor had circulated that the individuals involved in Tuesday’s threat are part of the special education program. Harrell nor Dawsey would comment on the rumor nor would they comment as to whether the suspects in custody were also with the special education program.