Water back up causes business to close

Published 3:42 pm Thursday, January 25, 2007

Monday morning the suspected backed up drains caused the Magnolia Coffee House to close and the work to repair it caused an injury to a city worker.

Susan Kelly, an employee at Magnolia Coffee House, said that morning the business next door, Eden Place, called to say they were having a problem with drains backing up. A short time later drains in Magnolia Coffee House also began to back up, Kelly said.

She said she called the Picayune water department to find out what was going on and one of the workers told her that a main drain was stopped up.

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Reggie Hanberry, owner of Magnolia Coffee House, said a city employee apparently was injured while trying to fix the problem.

The man was injured by a high pressure hose that backed up on him, said Jon Myers, city spokesman. The man was not injured severely but was taken to the hospital and is currently using crutches because of a large bruise on his leg, Myers said.

The water backing up in Magnolia Coffee House caused them to close their doors for the remainder of the day on Monday.

“Because I can’t serve food when there’s water from everywhere backing up in here,” Kelly said.

Hanberry said the water department told Kelly they were working on the drainage problem but that it would take them about seven to eight hours to fix the problem because of the injured worker.

By Tuesday morning the problem was resolved and Magnolia Coffee House went back to regular operations, Hanberry said.

Public Works Director Chad Frierson said the problem was on Palestine Road and Wisteria Lane, which caused some lines to back up on West Canal. Workers had the problem cleared up with in about two hours but were unaware of a business having to close due to the problem, he said.

Other stores in the vicinity of Magnolia Coffee House apparently were not affected by a drainage problem on Monday.